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Contractors Tile Co., Inc. continues to excel in the commercial industry and work diligently to demonstrate our expertise and uphold our reputation. Contractors Tile has a history of working with many of the same General Contractors and Architects for over 50 years.


We contribute our longevity to building great relationships with our clients and meeting the needs of any challenge, no matter the size of the project, by completing each and everyone on time, or ahead of schedule and within budget. Whether it is new construction or a total renovation, Contractors Tile Co., Inc. is equipped with the manpower to provide a top-quality finished project. We supply a range of samples to the architects and shop drawings to the general contractors.

All slabs are fabricated in our plant, cut to size, and installed according to the architect’s specifications. Contractors Tile Co., Inc. has completed projects all over Middle Tennessee and the southeast region. Our Estimators and Project Managers have many years of combined experience and are very knowledgeable in the commercial field. We are a bonded and insured corporation and Drug-Free Workplace.


Granite is a very strong stone that is commonly found all over the world. The presence of different minerals during its formation creates crystals packed very tightly together and causes an almost endless variety of colors. It is a non-porous stone that resists absorbing stains and scratching which in turn requires less maintenance.

Contractors Tile Co., Inc. has been privileged to work on some of the most prestigious projects in Middle Tennessee and the Southeast. We have installed granite on lobby floors, lobby walls, and columns.

We are skilled in using many installation applications including thin-set, mud-set, and dry pack, and in using crack isolation membrane on flooring and mechanically fastening the granite to walls and columns.


Marble is also a very commonly found stone on all seven continents. It comes in many rich colors and because of its unique veining in every slab, the finished project is truly a work of art. Contractors Tile has installed marble in many high-end lobbies, showrooms, and retail space for flooring, walls, and columns. We have skilled installers who can use applications including thin-set, mud-set, and dry pack and in using crack isolation membrane on the floor and mechanically fastening the marble to walls and columns.


Tile is a man-made product that comes in an endless variety of textures, colors, and designs. It is used in most high traffic and public areas. Contractors Tile Co., Inc. is proud to be the sub-contractor on many public and private schools, universities, hospitals, and manufacturers.

Contractors Tile installs all types of ceramic, porcelain, and quarry tiles for an easily maintained and durable finish.



Waterjet technology is making big waves in the world of industrial cutting. As the name suggests, we use fine, high-powered streams of water to cut through materials like a razor. These streams of water are extremely high-pressure and cut through just about anything, from metals to stone. We are proud to be an industry leader here in Nashville, and we’d be happy to talk to you about your next big project!

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